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  • What is BannerBreak™? ^
    BannerBreak™ is a free online banner generator!
  • Are these banners really free? ^
    Yes! The banners on BannerBreak™ are completely free! However, all banners available on BannerBreak™ are exclusive property of BannerBreak™ and are not to be used for commercial purposes without written permission from BannerBreak™. Banners generated by BannerBreak™ are not to be redistributed without written consent from BannerBreak™.
  • What can I do with these banners? ^
    There alot of things you can do with banners featured on BannerBreak™. You can link them to a forum or a site. These banners can go anywhere you can put HTML code into a page.
  • Can I advertise on BannerBreak? ^
    Yes! You can advertise with BannerBreak™. We are currently looking for advertisers willing to use our site as a gateway. If you are interested, please contact us.
  • How do I link these banners to a site/forum? ^
    After all banner generations, a vast array of code, including HTML and forum code, is displayed on the right side of the page. Simply click on and copy the code you want from the correct box and paste it into your site/forum.
  • What are the Advanced Settings? ^
    The advanced settings allow you to customize your banner completely. With an array of ten things to adjust you can make your banner fit your site in a breeze.
    Banner Background - The banner background is the actual banner image itself.
    Banner Text -The banner text is the text that you wish to display on the banner.
    Text Font - You can adjust the font you wish the text to be displayed in.
    Text Size - Changing the text size will allow different lengths of text to fit on your banner.
    Text Angle - Rotating the text in 360° allows you to put the finishing touches on your banner.
    Text Offset - Using a set of cordinates, you can move the text around your banner.
    Text Outline Pick Color - Changing colors helps your banner fit in with your site.
    Gradient Top Pick Color - Add a text gradient color. This color is the color at the top of the gradient.
    Gradient Bottom Pick Color -Add a text gradient color. This color is the color at the bottom of the gradient.
    Shadow Color Pick Color - Allow for a shadow to be cast upon the text.
    Shadow Offset - How far away from the text should the shadow be.
  • I don't like the default preview, how do I change it? ^
    To change the default preview you would have to use the advanced settings, see "What are the Advanced Settings?".
  • I have this great idea, how do I request it? ^
    To request a banner, use the "Banner Request" box, which is displayed at the right on most of the pages on BannerBreak™, including this page.
  • How can I contact BannerBreak™ directly? ^
    In order to contact BannerBreak™ directly, you must use the contact form. You can also contact us on AIM at BannerBreak.
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